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Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Fun at Monson Farms

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Stephen is out of school for UEA weekend, so we took the opportunity on Thursday to take the kids to Monson Farms in Bluebell, Utah. There was only one other family there, so we basically had the place to ourselves. We've gone to the farm every year that we've lived here in Roosevelt. They have a really cool corn maze which is the big attractor for most people, but our family is young enough that we just enjoy use of the courtyard. Kids 4 and under are free and everyone else pays $3 for use of the courtyard. It is a really cute setup. They have a couple of pvc pipe slides, a huge swing made out of a culvert, a mini maze made of big straw stacks, a dirt box with toys, a shed filled with a several inches of dried corn kernals, a goat petting zoo, and a hay ride to the pumpkin patch. I love fall, and what a way to welcome it in!


LyndiLou said...

SO fun!!! :) I've never been to BlueBell... but it looks like SO much fun!

Doralee said...

I love your family photo on the tractor! You all look fabulous! The Monson farm looks like so much fun. What a fun family tradition that your children will always remember!

Kronos said...

That looks like fun.

Bobbie said...

It was so fun to see this. It is now Jan. 18th and this is my first time seeing this. It was awesome to relive this event. I had such precious memories with you guys! The slideshow just brought it back to make my heart happy :)