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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Class Act! Go CTR 7!

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This past Sunday I taught my primary class (CTR 7) about the power of the priesthood and the miracle of Jesus calming the water.  After the lesson, I whipped out a few props and a camera and let them act out the story they learned about.  The majority of the class was reluctant to participate at first, but when I told them we had to use their chairs as walls of the ship, they stood up and played along.  I filmed the chaos, I mean action, and I thought that it wasn't too bad for a 5 minute production.  Maybe you'll notice in the video that there is a flickering light (lightning)- one of my class members didn't want to participate, so I gave him the job of creating lightning with the lamp I had brought.  It all worked out in the end.


Kronos said...

I like the production value here. The intense music really makes the movie.

Doralee said...

That's so cute!

Bobbie said...

WOW! You must be my daughter! I would've loved being your student in your class. It wasn't till Micah said he liked the music, did I realized... oh. she had music 2! That was so clever, somehow I missed that when I watched the video. It was a great idea I was amazed! But the music was like tv, you don't really notice it but it has such a big effect!!! GREAT JOB!!

The Christensen Family said...

I didn't bring music, it was just a part of the cool smilebox design I chose.