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Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't grow up.

Tonight as I was kissing my darling daughters goodnight I told them, "Now, whatever you do, don't grow up anymore."

Amara says, "You mean no more birthdays?"

I said, "No more birthdays.  Just stay the way you are now."

Lily quickly responded, "Don't you want to see my precious babies?"

I answered, "Of course I do!  I would love to see them!"

Lily demandingly replies, "Then let me grow up!"
My girls are so cute and fun and I cherish them so much.   After their second trip to the bathroom (it never fails that Amara "feels it" the moment we turn off the light and say goodnight, so Lily helps her go to the bathroom one last time before bed, even though we have them go potty right before we put them down),  I hurried them off to bed saying, "I love you Lily and Amara!  Now it's time to go to bed.  It's past your bedtime and your dreams are starting without you."


Doralee said...

I'm sure Lily's precious babies will be as wonderful as your precious babies!

Bobbie said...

This made me cry as I thought back on my 'mommy' heart and felt you all grow up, despite my quiet protest but I am glad you guys did so I could have my grandbabies to give me such joy as y'all have given me at their age, too :) Lily's reponse is so funny and she is so insightful.