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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daddy's First "Pedi"

A couple weeks ago, Steve had a campout with the scouts from Friday to Saturday night.  I know how camping can really take a toll on your energy, so I was fully expecting Steve to be on the couch much of Saturday, which he was.  Well, while Steve was out braving the wilderness on Friday night, my mom came over and joined me and the girls for a "girls night."  They gave me a foot massage using a scrub my mom had brought over.  May I just say, Amara and Lily have tiny hands and their massages were cute.  So, the next day, when Steve came home, he showered and sat on the couch, his eyelids already half-closed when the girls came up with the great idea to give daddy a pedicure.  I think it helped proposing the idea when he was half-out because he was willing to surrender.  So, I helped gather the items and I helped with some of the massaging too.  Here's how it went:
Step One: Use the handy wooden scoop to gob out a bunch scrub.
The "Noni" Body Scrub
 Step Two: Spread onto wet foot.
They applied it very liberally.
 Step Three: Massage like you mean it!
Steve's constant request was, "Harder.  Much harder please."
 Step Four: Repeat on other foot.
Amara is in heaven!  What child wouldn't want to plaster goo on their parents skin and rub it all over?
Steve was a little ticklish with the girls massaging, and I loved watching him squirm as they were trying to push harder.  I'm glad I got pictures!

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

ahaha! Steve looks like he is in heaven. The girls look like they are such professionals :) I'm glad u caught this on camera! That looked wayy fun!!