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Friday, March 16, 2012

Potty Joking in the Backseat

Our daughters are at an age where they really get a kick out of hearing and saying potty jokes.  As parents we try to discourage it, but when they're in the backseat whispering and laughing uncontrollably, it's pretty easy to know what jokes they're telling to eachother, that and when they whisper it's loud enough for the whole car to hear anyway.

When traveling a week ago, the girls were engaged in a rousing whispering and giggling session.  Since giggling is much preferred to fighting, Steve and I pretended not to hear them whisper, "poop" to eachother and then crack up.  Then the girls came up with a plan.  They were going to try to make mom and dad say a potty word because how much more funny would that be?

Lily: Um, mom and dad?  What rhymes with scoop?

Dad: Droop..., sloop..., coop..., loop..., snoop...

Amara (whispering to Lily): He didn't say poop.

Lily and Amara giggle.

Lily: What rhymes with tee?

Dad: glee..., knee..., flea..., me..., tree..., key..., bee...

Lily: hmmm....  What rhymes with art?

Dad: part..., cart..., bart..., chart..., smart...

Amara (whispering to Lily): He's not saying it.

Lily: Okay, what rhymes with, uh, spliarrhea?

Dad and Mom: uh... uh...

Then the whole car was laughing.


Nancy said...

Clever! :)

It made me laugh, too.

Bobbie said...

oh my gosh! They are hilarious!! What rhymes with... :)