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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Get Better Mom

It's what I'm trying to do- get well again. It's been 2+ months now since the onset of my illness. My symptoms all come and go throughout the day and night, some days worse than others. From dizziness, weakness, feeling faint, nausea, headaches, neck aches, numbness in various parts of my body, throat tightness, tingling,, sore heels (weird), and more recently stomach and chest issues...
I've undergone testing of all sorts now, all of which were normal, except one that revealed a syndrome I think I've had for awhile called postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. And I still don't have the report back from the cardiologist. That's my next line of attack- visit a cardiologist.
I've been blessed and supported through this, though. I truly believe in the power of prayer and it has helped me get through the hard times.
Lily and Amara have decorated my bedside with get well pictures, Amara has brought me food when I was really feeling awful, neighbors have called to offer help and bring us meals, and my husband spent his spring break chauffeuring me to tests and doctor visits. I'm so thankful for everyone's prayers for me. They are helping. Hopefully I'll get back to normal soon.

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Bobbie said...

My prayers are still with you. Good things will come your way and I am sorry you have to suffer till it does come. :/ You are such a trooper and you got such a wonderful husband and children to boot! Not to mention neighbors and family and... and... :) Thank you for all that you do even when you are sick!