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Monday, April 2, 2012

After-Conference Carwash n Picnic

After conference on Saturday, we went to grandma's place to wash our car and have a picnic. The girls had fun spraying the car and even more fun hearing their grandma scream as the cold, hard stream would "accidentally" douse her backside. Everyone was chilled enough after the carwash that our picnic of egg salad sandwiches got moved indoors. Thanks gramma for a good time.

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Bobbie said...

This was sooo memorable! I had to laff reading this cuz it seems like I was living that fun times again :) When Lily shot me with the water and I looked at her, I for some reason... COULDN'T BELIEVE SHE WOULD DO THAT TO ME and looked at her in shock and then cracked up laffing! I think she was relieved that's all I did. ahaha. I guess I should've shot her with the water, too :) Now, Amara, shooting that hose was funny to watch. Her little body couldn't control that spray and I found out the hard way! ahaha! That was so pretty how you decorated the sandwiches with those napkins. It was beautifully fun! Thanks Lani for coming over and washing your car, too :)) And the after dessert and McDonalds just made the evening end nicely. WAIT... the treasure of free landscape material we found driving around was the cherry on the sundae! YeeHAW!