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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Month- Steve turned 35!

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Many thanks to my mom for bringing gifts and a cake to Steve for his birthday.  Since I was on the couch sick all that day, he sadly wasn't going to get much of a celebration.  Then the sun set and a knock came at our door- "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"  they shouted as we answered the door.  It was mom, Tom, and Geoff bringing a small celebration to my hubby on his special day.  It warmed our hearts and brought smiles to everyone's faces as we saw the decadent chocolate cake!  I loved that it said in bright green frosting, "Steve we (heart) y" and it stopped there.  Must've ran out of frosting?  It gave us all an extra chuckle.

We love you Steve!

1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

LOL about the frosting. Sounds like fun! I'm glad he had a happy birthday!