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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Arts and Afflictions, Christensen Reunion Day 5, July 6, 2012

I love the family talent shows.  It makes me smile to see so many family members willing to share their talents.  I got a few pictures, but only a few.  For much of the show, I was attending to my miserably sick little one.  Amara didn't get to share her poem that she had prepared, but Lily got up and shared hers.

Here's the poem she shared:

I Jumped Up
An Original by: Lily Christensen

I jumped up but couldn't get down,
So I casted a spell with my magic crown.
Down, down, BOOM!
There I was on the ground,
I will go to the doggie pound.
I will get a dog.
I hope it doesn't scare my hog.
Yay!  She didn't.
Now I can keep them.

I'm proud of Lily for her creativity and willingness to share her talent with words.  :)

Amara had woken up that morning with a fever and no appetite.  Soon after that she threw up, and then stayed in bed for most of the day trying to rest.  I tried my best to push fluids into her, and on occasion she would think she'd start feeling a little better only to end up back in bed.

By evening, it cooled off somewhat, and our dear daughter still wasn't feeling great, but she wasn't loving being in bed all day (in a hot-ish room), so we decided to take Amara to go see some of the "Rock Shop."  She loves rocks.  She sorta collects them.  I say "sorta" because she'll bring rocks home, but they don't all end up in a collection, I think they usually end up outside in the yard somewhere.

It was a pretty evening, and Amara enjoyed looking at the plethora of rocks outside.  Too bad she wasn't well for the talent show.

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