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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello Hotel! Christensen Reunion Day 7 & 8, July 8 & 9, 2012

 The time came for us to migrate to another place, so it was off to a local hotel in Hurricane.  Some of the family reunion left to go to their various homes, but some of us were able to stay a night or two in this hotel.  We had a good time together and the added comforts of air conditioned rooms were a nice way to end the reunion.  We swam in the hotel pool, enjoyed the continental breakfast, and we had just enough leftover food from the previous days that we didn't have to spend money going out to eat.

The girls got to play with their cousins a little longer, which was nice because we don't get to see Elinn's family very often.
 I broke the cardinal rule of photography- never take pics of people while they're eating.  Oh well.  It's the only photo I have that documents our creative make-shift hotel kitchen/ dining room.
 Below you'll see the "taco bar" that we made using the room's microwaves to heat up the leftovers and the dresser as a buffet table.  It was messy, and made the place smell of taco meat for awhile, but there were no complaints.  We were together eating the yummy leftovers, where can you go wrong?

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Jeffery @ students Interns and traveling nurses said...

So pretty, love these antique items you'll find it in one of the luxurious star hotels.