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Monday, December 24, 2012

Lily lost another tooth (Sept 16, 2012)

Lily likes to leave the toothfairy a little note whenever she looses a tooth.  Her note above says, "This is how I lost my tooth.  Well I put a string in my mouth.  My sister dident want it there so she pulled both ends.  And thats when it happened.  It flew out.  but i did not know it came out.  I just tasted blood.  It took a little while to find it but we found it."  The picture she drew is of herself witha bag from taco time draped over her shoulder and her hand holding the tooth up (her actual tooth was taped to the picture) and a speech bubble with her saying, "it's kindof yellow.".  Notice the smile- that's basically what her smile looked like at the time.  This was her 8th tooth lost.

The toothfairy took the tooth and left the money on the floor. 

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

awwwww.... My Lily. My precious Lily. God truly has blessed us! She is such a wonderful example to her little sister, just like you are! Gosh, this tooth fairy letter is so amazing and tells so much of her heart. You in turn replied so creative and precious! No wonder Lily is who she is... because she got a mama that is so loving, not to mention a daddy, too :)