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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

President Ron Paul... almost... sorta...

 Ron Paul, former presidential candidate, came to UVU and we made the trip to see him.  The election came and went, and no, he didn't win, and as I predicted from the get-go, Obama got reelected.  It is very rare in U.S. history that a president is not elected for a second term, especially a war-time president.  That's a tidbit of information that I retained from my honor's U.S. history class in high school.  Ron Paul may not be president of the U.S.of A., but he's still president in our hearts.  Okay, that sounds mega-cheesy, but who cares.  It was a fun rally and a nice change to be around other people who love his message of liberty.
 There was much clapping and support.

 We got to get pretty close as Ron Paul left the premises. 
 And yes, he waved directly at me.  No joke. See ya next election Dr. Paul~ what ya say~ third time's a charm?

1 comment:

Bobbie said...

THIS is truly amazing! I would've been there, too, if I could. Ron Paul is someone that has affected my life for good and I thank him for that. Thanks to Steve for sharing the 'good news of liberty' :) That also has changed my life for the good! YaY Ron Paul! Glad Micah and April joined ya guys :)