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Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Moth Funeral Apparently

I went outside and found this scene that intrigued me- a paper, a tupperware, and some marigolds arranged on the table.  I moved closer and this is what I read...
"Molly Krolly Christensen.  This once was the home of an injerd moth.  We aceddently killed her."

Poor Molly Krolly. 

Her final resting place is wherever the wind blew her a few days later. 

The girls accidently snapped off the moth's antennae when they were trying to catch her.  They tried to wake her up, but she just stopped moving.  So, they held a funeral.  For the funeral, they took some snacks outside and some water and sang songs and sat in the shade of an umbrella while Molly laid to rest.


Amanda Lauret said...

Lol. Your girls are too cute. So sad for Molly Krolly. ;)

Cute Sauce said...

Wow. That is intense. That is cute that they held a funeral for the moth :)

Bobbie said...

ohhhhhhh how could i forget this 'eventful' moment when I showed up and was told and shown this... umm.. funeral. I did everything I could after I read the paper not to crack up laughing!!! I tried to be sad, but oh well. :/ These are one of those strange moments that tug at your emotions, but you can't figure out which one. hehe