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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Can you say "almost FROGS?" (back post)

Note: This post was written back in 2008, but I found it in my drafts.  So, today, I publish it.

This was my attempt at showing all our little "almost frogs." They like to hang out on the rocks, but they blend in pretty well, so good luck seeing them.


Amanda Lauret said...

I never knew you guys had frogs! Whatever happened to them? Who is making noise in the background? Is that baby Amara?

The Christensen Family said...

Yes, we had frogs, and they started to stink up the apartment, so we went to release them at a reservoir, but never did find the reservoir, so we went to a gas station to get directions and a lady there wanted to keep them for her kids.

Amara is the baby in the background :)

Cute Sauce said...

That is freaking AWESOME!! I want frogs!!

Bobbie said...

..... umm... there is no pic of it. YAY!! I mean, oh darn.