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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Rows of Roses On My Back And Arm

Yesterday I went in to have an allergy test done. I wasn't even sure if I was allergic to anything, but I've been having stomach discomfort on and off for over 2 years now, so I thought I'd see if my body wasn't too keen on any particular kind of food. So, I went in for the test. In case you've never had one done, let me tell you, it was a prickly experience. First, I got to have 48 cold hard needles scratched into the tender skin on my back. They conveniently bunched the needles into groups of 10, then confidently pressed them into my back and rocked them back and forth for a few seconds. This was called the pre-test.  If I passed with no severe reactions, I'd move on to the "real test."


When I survived that, the nurse then took 48 shots, each filled with it's own unique brew of allergens, and injected them one by one into my arm in rows of 10, just like she was planting seeds.   The needles were small and didn't really hurt going in, but there was a little sharp stinging each time as the injection was pressed into my arm. I was strong and even smiled for my kids who were there watching me.


With the allergens planted, and only 10 minutes later, I had my results. Each prick had grown a nice swollen hill, and some hills were rosy, while others were pale. Turns out, I'm allergic to some stuff. Hmmm... who knew?


I'm allergic to dust mites, cats, horses, cockroaches, molds of all kinds (you should've seen my arm with that row of injections!), box elder trees, and a few grasses. None of my allergies are severe, but they're there. And the good news is I have no food allergies/intolerances to worry about. So, I guess that's that.


My tummy issues must just be one of those inconveniences that comes with having Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Gotta just breathe through those pains/symptoms one moment at a time.



Amanda Lauret said...

This is so ironic because I am scheduled to have the same thing done on Wednesday! I have been thinking I might have some food allergies, too. Now I am really nervous!!! But I guess if you can be brave and do it, I can too! You will be my inspiration. :)

Bobbie said...

Whoa, my brave child! I had no clue they poked your back,too!! oh wow, did I miss something. ahaha. I'm proud of you! Mandy, you would've had yours done by now. I wonder what you are allergic to, also? xoxo