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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Family Visits in March

This past March and April have been full of family visits!  In March...
Steve's parents came and visited for Steve's birthday!
 A few days later, Missy and Joe's family came for a visit.
 Amara and Malia are only 14 days apart in age, and they have matching smiles!
 Jayden was all smiles, always.  What a cutie!
 Maizie was in love with this whale stuffed animal :)
 Poor picture, but we had a good movie night.

A week later, Steve took some time off work for a vacation to see family.  We stayed with his parents.  His dad pulled out the wood chipper and Steve helped him feed it wood-dinner.  It's quite noisy, so we used earplugs when we were outside in the yard.
 Chip away, boys!  I love seeing a father and son working together. 
While we were on this little vacation, Steve and I took our girls to our old stomping grounds on BYU campus and showed them around a bit.  We walked the halls of the WILK and Lily immitated this poster of Dance Ensemble. 
 Then we saw the plants in the indoor garden.
We even showed them the huge library, which even has a section with Children's books.  And a cool mural too.
After our short trip, we were back home to finish off the month with another visitor, Aunty April.
 She came up to go to the General Women's Broadcast for our church with mom, me, and even Lily!  This is the first year that they made this meeting for women 8 and older.  Lily just happens to be 8, lucky us!  It was a beautiful meeting and a touching experience to have my daughter by my side and my sister and mom on the other.

And that was the family visits from March.  Stay tuned for more family visits from the month of April.

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Amanda Lauret said...

So much fun! I love that last picture of all you girls in your white shirts and jeans!