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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cousins Spring Breaking With Us!

 Smile!  That's what we did when we found out that Missy's family wanted to come and visit us for their spring break.  Missy braved the drive without Joe, since he had to work, and brought us COUSINS!  Yay!  We always have so much fun with them!

Lily, JJ, Amara, and Malia were good beetle catchers.  They caught over 50 beetles and even named them.  Some of their names were Stephen, Reafly, Griffindor, Diamond, Ruby, Polkadot...

They used sidewalk chalk to make a sign to sell the beetles.  It said, "5 beetles for 1 penny. 5+5=10 (comes w/ food."  The food was a handful of weeds.
No one bought the beetles, except grandma.  She actually purchased all of them.

Malia and Amara were both sporting missing teeth, so I asked to get a picture of them together.  Since they were facing the sun, their smiles were a little unusual.

You're gorgeous, Malia!
 We played at a few parks while they were with us.
 The hill was just as fun as the playground!

 And Jayden found his own toys at the park.

My neighbor just happened to be thinking of us and she made us some adorable Easter treats.  She said she was going to invite my girls over to make them with her, but she ran out of time because she was caring for her elderly mother.  I love my neighbor, Anita Peterson.  I believe us to be kindred spirits :)
 Aren't her creations cute?  She used twinkies for the body of the car, 2 fudge-covered marshmallow cookies for the wheels, a couple gum drops for the headlights, and peep bunnies for the driver.  She didn't know we even had visitors, but she had made us 6 of them, which was perfect for all 6 kids!

We also ate out at China Star and Lily got a pretty funny fortune.  It says, "Blessed are the children for they shall inherit the national debt."  What a downer.

Grandma spent as much time as she could with us.  She'd spend her lunch breaks from work with us and every waking hour before and after work.  I'm so glad she lives close to me and can play with us!  I love the pictures of her and Jayden playing together.

 Grandpa Tom came over too.  Maizie was in an imaginary world with her bird and we were all sitting back and being entertained by her and her repetitive play.

She played with Steve and grandpa for a long time!

 JJ thought he could beat grandpa in an arm wrestle.  That was entertaining, too!

We're so glad they chose to spend their spring break with us!  We had a great time together.

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