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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Force Family Reunion June 2014 - Genola, Utah

Day 1- Reunited Relatives and Visiting the Farm

We had all kinds of fun at the Force family reunion this year.  It was held in Genola, Utah, across the street from Aunt Janice's house at the park.  We stayed with my sister in nearby Spanish Fork, but some people camped out at the park.  

Lily and Amara bonded with Marilla Esther.  They were kindred spirits from the get-go.  
 Marilla Esther is only a year older than Lily, and we wish she lived closer because the girls got along so well.  They enjoyed playing at the playground, but they also found a pine tree with tons of moths in it and decided to set up a moth hospital for all the injured moths that were around.  Such creative minds and big hearts these girls have.
 Steve's cousin, Alma, lives in Genola also, and he was giving everyone carriage rides.
 You'll notice that the person riding shotgun, really carries a loaded gun.  It's to fend off the mean and biting dogs that thrash down the street after their horse.  
 We didn't see any dogs on this ride, but we did have a lovely time touring the Genola town center.
 We also got to go to Alma's farm.
 It was beautiful at sunset.
 Then we got to see all his amazing animals.  I snapped this shot of Lily's face just as she turned around to see the really big horse.  She was truly surprised.
 The horse is behind Amara sticking it's head above the fence. 
 The white horse thought Amara smelled good, I guess.
 After we looked at the horses, we got to go to a different part of the farm where more exotic animals were kept.
 Alma keeps pheasants, and he has one that is particularly beautiful and rare.  I don't remember what it's called, but it's as colorful as a parrot.
 He has Emus and reindeer.
 We got to feed the deer.
 And we got to feed the goats.
 The llama wasn't sure he wanted to be the center of attention, but Alma caught it for us to look at.
 The baby goats were precious.
 And the fluffy puppies were so cute!

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Amanda Lauret said...

Family reunions are so fun! It's cool that Lily and Amara got to know a cousin that they rarely get to see. Cool that you got to see all those different animals, too. I'm not a dog person at all, but even I have to admit that those puppies are adorable!