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Monday, March 16, 2015

February Red Fleet Hike

The mountains in the Uinta Basin are really fun to explore.  This past President's Day, it was so warm, we thought we would go on a hike.  This winter has been uncharacteristically warm.  My kids really didn't get much of a chance to go sledding.  I think we had 2 snow storms all winter.  We've loved the warmer weather, though.

Since Steve had school off, we thought we would go take some pictures up at Red Fleet (15 minutes past Vernal up Hwy. 191).  The reservoir was frozen, there were no noisy boats, no cars at all, no entrance fee, the skies were blue, and it was just us and nature on an absolutely gorgeous mid-February day.
We had fun hiking around.  The girls enjoyed playing in the sand and on the rocks.
The scenery was stunning.
I liked this little tucked away portion of the lake where there was some ice and some water.
Hiking and exploring nature is by far one of our favorite family activities. 


Art Christensen said...

Nature connections with your guys do it. Cool. Mom

Amanda Lauret said...

That place looks beautiful! What a neat experience to be there when there were no other people or noises. We have loved the mild winter, too.