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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Grandma's Lunch Break

We love when my mom comes over for lunch. She only has a one hour break, and it takes 10 minutes to drive to her work, so really we only get 40 minutes with her, which flies by faster than a perigrin falcon in a dive for prey.  
But we make the most of the time we get with her. One day, for lunch a few weeks ago, we decided to serve her a special lunch. It really was just our leftovers made to look fancier (homemade V8 to drink, beef n broccoli, fried brown rice, salad with sprouts, and cheesecake) Lily wrote the word "love" on her napkin, and Amara was her personal waitress. We filled her with all the love we could. We hope she'll be back for more soon!

1 comment:

Amanda Lauret said...

Wow! Lucky grandma! That sounds like an amazing lunch.