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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Baseball Dreams

     Our youngest daughter Amara is learning how to play softball.  She's in the beginning league which allows for as many pitches as necessary to hit the ball, everyone stays on base, and everyone gets to run home.  They'll learn about the rules later.  Right now they have their hands full developing the motor skills required to hit the ball, not get hit by the ball, and catch.  However,  whether just starting out or playing pro, determination and a sense of fun is what gets the job done.

The Cat in the Hat who can read with his eyes shut tight has got nothing on Amara.  Here she connects with the ball, and gets on base.  She's hit the ball from the coach's pitch every time.  No need for the T yet.

Amara is as happy as a pup with two tails running the bases, and boy is she fast.  The helmets are a little large, the kids' heads often mimicking a marble bouncing around in a jar, but Amara's solution charmingly works.

She is laser focused.  At this early stage in the season anything within a couple arm lengths is what the children go for, letting the other balls roll by and sit there until a parent's call finally convinces their child to "Go get the ball!"  They'll learn to expand their sphere of activity on the field as the season progresses.

     Amara has a knack for sports and physical movement.  She is enjoying softball, and we're so proud of her for wanting to participate in these team sports. 

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