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Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Relief Society Calling

Phrases from the Relief Society theme decorated the walls and centerpieces.
 Last December, I was called to be the secretary for the Relief Society presidency in our ward.  I've been hard at work ever since with meetings, visits, phone calls, and lots of productive pondering.  The sisters in the presidency are wonderful to work with and I really enjoy getting to know them and see their talents at work.

The table runners were gift wrap.
Last month we celebrated the birthday of the Relief Society.  We decided to throw a "Wok-n-Tok" celebration, a getting-to-know-you activity with a Chinese theme, complete with Bro. and Sis. Funk's amazing sweet-n-sour chicken (better than any restaurant). 

I helped set up and got to enjoy the event and even got to know sisters that I've never officially met in this ward, even though I've lived here 5 years!  Take a look at the decor. 

The entrance
They did a great job!  Several things were ordered from Oriental Trading, others were from the Dollar Tree.   I'm really looking forward to the next activity.  I've always loved attending the additional Relief Society meetings and feeling the kinship of the sisters in the ward while doing things together.  And I'm always a HUGE FAN of dinner events!  Mom came to my ward's celebration, and I went to hers ;) 

Ahhh... Sweet Sisterhood!