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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Amara's 3rd Junior Jazz Season

 If Amara was assigned to guard you, just know, you're not likely to ever get the ball.  And if you do happen to get the ball, you will have a tough time trying to pass or shoot because she will guard you like gravy on potatoes.  If you don't believe me, just take a look at the next 9 photos.

 Amara had a great time playing Jr. Jazz for her 3rd year in a row.  She saw some old teammates, played against some, and some were on her team.  She has always been the only girl on her team.  This year, her team was the only team with one girl, the rest of the teams that they played had between 2-3 girls each.  I must say her team was probably the best one out there, though.  She had some really tall, fast, and passionate players on her team.

In Amara's league, there are 3rd-4th graders and they play with limited rules: no full court press, no stealing, pretty much you could guard, dribble, and shoot.  You should've seen Amara at one of her last games.  She was passed the ball and she dribbled all the way down the court, protecting the ball with her arm and her body, then she got right under the basket, and took a shot.  It was phenomenal! Coach Matt Yergensen was smiling big and had lots of encouragement for her.  He was new to coaching, and he took it seriously, and did a great job.  Each member on his team learned something and improved their skills in some way or another.
Amara with her coach
It was a wonderful 3rd season, and we all really enjoyed watching Amara play.  Plus, it was nice this year to have the coach's wife arrange with the parents to take turns bringing after-game treats.  I know Amara liked that part a lot.