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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Extracurricular November: Gardening and Jr. Jazz

We went through the garden during the first week in November and harvested everything left.

We filled boxes with tomatoes (red and green), tomatillos, chard, chives, parsley, carrots, and cabbage.  We washed up the carrots and stored them in the fridge.  They will keep for months.

 We had Jack Rasmussen and Point Landscaping put in a sprinkler system throughout our whole yard, lay weed barrier, cover with rocks, create borders and paths, and a few mounds for planting.  They were a dream to work with, got things done quickly, were polite, and worked with our budget.

 In the backyard, they spread peat moss and grass seed, and they guaranteed us grass in the spring, or they would come back and plant it for free.  I can see the vision, and our yard will be so nice.  I'm looking forward to it all!

Lily and Amara both started playing Jr. Jazz basketball in November.  Amara is the only girl on her team, again.  This is her 3rd year playing, and there are a few more rules this year.  They are actually calling traveling and out of bounds, and they don't allow full court press.  Amara is getting the hang of guarding when on defense and moving around when on offense.  She hasn't tried to get the ball very much, but she has been passed to a few times, and has made a few successful passes back to her team mates.  Her season is half way over, and she is learning and improving each game.
Amara receiving her schedule at practice.  She is the smallest, but there are a few other small ones, too.  Some boys on her team are very aggressive and very fun to watch.
Steve and I always enjoy going to the girls games.  My mom almost always comes, too.  Since the girls are in different leagues, sometimes we have 2 games in one night at 2 different places, but luckily, there has only been one scheduling conflict.

Lily's league is an all-girls league, and they play by all the rules including fouls and free throws.  The girls are 5th-7th grades, so there is quite an age and ability range, but it's all good.  Lily's coach, Jerusha Riser, is really good, and very nice, and she tries to make sure all the girls get a chance to bring the ball in at least once.  My favorite is when Lily gets into the game and gets her arms up to guard or catch a pass.  She's learning a little more each time, and I have such fun cheering from the sidelines.


Margaret Christensen said...

Wow! Yay on the grass and guarantee. Happy for you. on your yard. Yay!

Margaret Christensen said...

So fun on the basket ball. Post more as they play cool.