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Friday, January 22, 2016

Guest Post by Lily: Christmas Eve/Christmas

Christmas Eve:

We were driving home from my Grandpa's Christmas dinner in the thick snow, when my dad asked my mom if we had done donuts before, and she replied with an "I don't think so" and we turned around our car and began driving to the wide, open church parking lot. Then they kept saying that we were going to make donuts at the church. I had never done it before, so when we pulled in I thought we were going to make edible sugary donuts. I shouted out, "We're making donuts at the church at ten thirty while it's snowing on Christmas Eve!" When they began driving in tight circles I realized that we were making the donuts right then. And right then is when I understood. I laughed! Silly me for thinking that we were gonna "Make donuts at the church at ten thirty while it's snowing on Christmas Eve!" Well, we were doing just that, but I thought we were going to eat our donuts. I laughed after that. We drove home in our snow-coated van. Then we each opened our Christmas Eve gifts. Me and Amara both got some sew-your-own-pajamas patterns, and some soft, cute fabric. Then me and Amara went downstairs and climbed into our bed. I closed my eyes with much anticipation and excitement. Then I fell into the land of dreams.

Christmas Day:

I opened my eyes and shook Amara awake. "It's Christmas!" I whispered excitedly. I swung out of bed and we ran into our mom and dad's room hurriedly. We climbed into bed with them and talked to them. Just then my dad grabbed my mom iPad mini and gave it to her. What she saw on the screen was an e-book titled: Lani's Book. She clicked on it and joyfully received my dad's sweet, written words in an e-book he created just for her. That was a happy moment, but it was a little section of the gifts she and us were about to receive. If you don't believe me, take a look at the following pictures:

See? Well, we opened a ton of gifts that day, and it would take FOREVER to record every moment of it, so just take a look here to see what we got. And that ends this post. Bye!

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