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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Amara's Valentine Surprise From Lily

 Lily wanted to surprise Amara for Valentine's Day, but since we would be out of town for it, she decided to do it a few days previous.  I had Amara come in my room and read with me as all a part of Lily's plan.  Then, Lily spent 20 minutes cleaning the bedroom, fixing Amara's bed, and decorating.  She also bought Amara a gigantic Valentine card for $3 of her own hard-earned money, and she gifted some little sticks of gum and a $1 box of chocolates to her as well.  I love seeing my children being kind to one another and celebrating their love.  It just warmed my heart that Lily wanted to do that for her sister.  Amara was definitely surprised and so very happy.


A Christensen said...

Thank u mommy! i'll want to remember this when i'm older!!!

Amanda Lauret said...

What a sweet sister!