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Thursday, March 10, 2016

February Fun

Spring melt equals flooding. Luckily, it all drained off eventually.  Our neighbors had it BAD!
 We had a February of fun.  This post is a conglomerate of pictures we all took at various times during that month.  Enjoy!

One weekend, we decided to go on a photo shoot up at Red Fleet.  Steve got some good shots...

Amara went down to the reservoir and picked up a sheet of ice, then climbed the long hill to show us.

Amara looking through the ice window.

Amara diving.  Just kidding.  Steve's trick shots.
We sure live in a beautiful land!  God is good.

I shot this shot of Steve taking a shot of the moon.  :)

Now it's time for some selfies the kids took:

Amara's feet

Amara's feet again.

Lily's shadow

 And being silly:

And, I thought I'd also document here that Uncle Everett Adelman passed away at the end of the month.  I have fond memories of visiting with him as a child whenever we went to California to see my grandparents.  We made arrangements to attend his funeral.  Love you Uncle Ev!


A Christensen said...

U Are a good poster, your blog is facinating! It helps bring some of my old memories back. like their happening again! It really is special. Thanks for being my mother, and helping raise me. Thank you for all you've done! you've been a great mother. :) You deserve to have a bite of all my treats. ;)

Amanda Lauret said...

Oh my goodness! Is Lily wearing April's shirt? Stop right now, she is not that big!! Why are all our kids growing up?

Lani Christensen said...

Dear A Christensen,

That was a really sweet comment, thank you. You are very special to me and I wouldn't trade anything for the time we get to spend together!

And to Amanda Lauret,
RIGHT?!! Yes, that's April's shirt, and it shocks me just how grown up she's getting. She's actually exceeded April's shoe size as of the last time we saw her. It makes me very grateful that I am able to spend my time as a stay at home mom because these years are getting faster and faster and my time with my "littles" before they become "bigs" is running away from me.