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Monday, August 22, 2016

Pinocchio Play

Amara with her congratulations flowers.  Instead of purchasing a cut bouquet, we used the same amount of money and bought flowers she could plant and that would last a longer time.
This year, the Missoula Children's Theater came to Roosevelt for their annual performance.  Tryouts for Pinocchio were held on Monday, and then practices were held all week, with 2 performances of the show on Saturday.  Amara and Lily both tried out, and Amara got a part as a magical toy soldier in the workshop Pinocchio was created in.  They didn't have a part for Lily this year, but that was okay because she got to watch the performance with us this time and enjoy the show from the audience.  She had such a good attitude and maturity about not making the play, something I wasn't expecting, but something I was very proud of her for. 

We had fun watching the performance, and Steve's parents both came up to watch it, as well as my mom.  We have the best family and are blessed to feel such great love and support from them.

After the play, they had a photo call and let parent snap photos of their kids.

Good job, Amara!  You marched out on stage like a perfect toy soldier and sang,
"Now, ropes and twine and strings are fine
for puppets made of knotty pine (or naughty pie).
They're not special, no sir-ee,
for in this show the star, the star is ME!"  

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