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Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve

Both my girls shared with me their fun ideas for Christmas Eve.  They came up with them individually on their own and what was funny was that their plans were almost identical!  Their lists both looked like a good plan to me, so we planned on it, but we didn't stick to the plan completely. 

We did end up watching a Christmas movie, A Christmas Carol, and having game night, hot cocoa, open pjs, and looking at Christmas lights.  I love looking at the Christmas lights, it's something my family always did on Christmas Eve when I was growing up.  We often drove all the way to Osmond Lane in Provo because everyone put up lights, but as the years went on, more and more cars had the same idea so it got crowded, and Osmond Lane started putting up less and less.  I don't think it's the same anymore.  With my own little family, we now pile in our van and have 2 places we like to go, the "Christmas House" on North Crescent Road (also known as the Halloween House), and "the street by the Golf Course," which is a long cul-de-sac that displays the Christmas story from the Bible on little signs in front of each house.  We each take turns reading the signs, and it's so nice to read the real Christmas story on Christmas Eve.

Here's some PJ pictures of my cute kids!

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