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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Memories and Movies

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In an effort to better document our attempts at making memories, on Dec 3 (day 3) we made cookies as a family and I broke out the digital camera and let Lily and Amara host their own cooking show.  They're sweeter than the cookies, and those cookies were stellar-good! 

Day 4- Steve's idea: make a Christmas movie.  We couldn't let the girls go to bed without showing off some more of their natural talent, so we decided on a story we had just read to the girls called, "The Worst Person's Christmas." 

It was a rather cute story, but we didn't have much time to do the book justice.  We threw together a few scenes in 20 minutes and called it good.  Then we posted it to facebook, and in case you missed it there, it's here too.

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And Steve just couldn't get enough of the movie making, so he put the girls to work for 5 more minutes and made this spectacular feature...

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Day 5- Lily's idea: Tell the Christmas story or sing some Christmas hymns.  Our family sang some nice songs.

Day 6- Lani's idea: Write a letter.  We all sat down with cute stationary for Family Night and wrote/ illustrated  letters to my cousin who is serving a mission in California.  Merry Christmas to the missionaries! 


Bobbie said...

Stephen! YOU are amazing! I love the actors in the film, the storyline is truly inspirational (can I borrow any of those wands?) and I can't wait for more sequels! This is actually way funny!

Bobbie said...

Wait! I thought I could comment on each of these awesomerific smileboxes but seeing that it's all in one... I must say this all is why I love you guys! Keep the camera rolling and soon my laughter that follow as it always does:) :) :) It just makes my day (and life) :)