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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Memories in the Making- Story Time!

Day 15- Lani's idea: Write a story together taking turns writing 2 sentences at a time.  This was fun and hopefully your minds are as sharp as ours and can comprehend the fantasy that blossomed as our minds combined to form this work of art.  Perhaps it'll become your new favorite story.

The Princess And The Grasshopper
A multi-authored story by Steve, Lani, Amara, and Lily.

Amara: Once upon a time there was a little princess and she said, “Um, I want a cookie.”  Then her mom said, “You have to eat your dinner.”  Then she said…

Lily:        “I want to go skydiving someday.  I really like to.  I really want to set up our Christmas tree and put ornaments on it.”

Mom:    “Wow,” said her mom.  “That’s a lot of things you want to do, and maybe if you eat your dinner you’ll have the energy necessary to do those things.”

Dad:       “Not only will you have the energy necessary to do those things, but you’ll be able to fly to the moon.  That’s why you should always eat a nutritious dinner.”

Amara: “Then if you do that you’ll get in big trouble if you not eat your dinner you’ll get in big trouble even.”  And then she said, “Eat your dinner all gone.”  And she did.  And she said, “I’m proud of you.”

Lily:        “I really am happy I can fly to the moon today with wings.  I went to the zoo that day and saw a dragon and alligator and a unicorn with wings and a horn.”

Mom:    Upon the princess’s return, her father was waiting for her.  Furious, he shouted, “Get down here this instant Zufelda!”

Dad:       “You forgot to tie the grasshoppers antennae together!  How dare you eat your breakfast and fly away without doing your chores!

Amara: “Then you can be good instead of a bad attitude.”  Then he told her mom that she ate her dinner.

Lily:        “I really want a horse for Christmas.  And a horse will fly like a unicorn and a unicorn I want!”

Mom:    Zufelda and her father were obviously flighty in mind and body.  Her father , the king, reached into his deep pockets and pulled out the golden grasshopper!

Dad:       “First tie the antennae together!”  With a quick practiced motion, Zufelda tied the antennae together and threw the grasshopper into the air.

Amara: Then he got hurt.  Then he got a scrape on his knee.

Lily:        Then Zufelda wanted a brother and she got a brother.  His name was Bluehead.

Mom:    Zufelda and Bluehead  were best of buds, but the grasshopper with the scraped knee never recovered.  They nursed him until he was old and silver and turned to magic dust.

Dad:       THE END.

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Margaret Christensen said...

Such a fun story...silly Dad.