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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making Memories- A Family Recipe

Day 7- Amara's idea: Play a game.
Our game was going to be Apples to Apples, but last second we were invited to a Christmas dinner.  By the time the dinner ended, it was past bedtime, but at least we didn't go to bed without doing something fun.  I love a dinner I don't when I don't have to cook.

Day 8- Steve's idea: Create a recipe together.
Oh boy, are we ready for this?  Here it is folks, a concoction never been done before (I'm pretty sure, or at least not done like this).  Drumroll please...

Peanut Butter and Jelly Salad

PB Croutons:
1/2 Tbsp Peanut butter, melted
1/2 Tbsp Butter, melted
4 slices of Bread, crusts removed
~~~Combine peanut butter and butter and brush onto both sides of the bread.  Sprinkle with salt then cut into cubes.  Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Let cool.

Strawberry Jam Dressing:
some Strawberry yogurt
some Strawberry jam
a little Vinegar
Salt and pepper
~~~Whisk all ingredients together.

Lettuce, chopped
Sliced Strawberries
~~~Toss lettuce with dressing.  Add strawberries and PB croutons on top.

So, we haven't tried it yet, but I'm quite curious if it turns out to be tasty or awful.  What do you think???

Perhaps you're curious about how this recipe idea came about.  Well, Steve started by contributing his idea for an ingredient- yogurt.  Amara then added her's- lettuce.  Then Lily- butter and peanut butter.  Phew!  I was stumped on what to make that incorporates all those random ingredients.  So, it took some brain power, and Lily and I came up with a concept and I have no clue what the end result tastes like.  No matter what it tastes like, it was fun to put our minds together to create a recipe.

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