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Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread Congratulations

Gingerbread houses have been a family tradition since I was little.  My parents would work hard to make the perfect house and donate it to the Festival of Trees to benefit Primary Children's hospital.  Although all my siblings and I all have families of our own now, my dad along with his wife, Debby, continue to keep this tradition alive by involving as many of the family that are around and sometimes friends and neighbors join in the fun. 

This year, they made the "Tangled" Tower, complete with Rapunzel standing on the window ledge, and Flynn Rider dangling from her hair, literally spinning with the help of an ornament turner. 
I am so proud of this house, and I regret that I couldn't be there to help put it together.  They did a beautiful job!  And the house this year sold for $2000.00!  That's their 2nd highest selling house, next to their Harry Potter house that sold for $2200.00 a few years ago.

My dad informed me that this house took about $100.00 to make.  He always builds the house with the sturdiest of gingerbread that he makes (in other words, don't try to eat it or the tooth fairy may be visiting you for Christmas) and an icing that holds really well, but you wouldn't want to eat that either.  He uses wood to build the structure, then secures the gingerbread on using screws, many times.  So, the gingerbread houses he makes are strictly for decorative purposes only.  I have to wonder what happens to these houses after the Christmas season is over???

I must get back to life, but first, to all those who had a hand in the Tangled Tower, congratulations!!!

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