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Monday, December 5, 2011

Have You Heard of the Candy Fairy?

October 31st is known as "O Dia das Bruxas" in Brazil (that's "the day of the witches"), however at our house, it's not about witches, but a day of the candy fairy.  For those unaware of the candy fairy, let me explain.  Children go trick-or-treating and bring home loads of sugar in various forms.  If they choose to leave the candy out on the table, the candy fairy will come while they're asleep and leave them a gift. 

So, my kids eat a few of their favorite pieces and leave the rest out for the fairy.  This year, the candy fairy left them a musical instrument, sorta like a lap guitar or harp.  It came with sheet music that you insert behind the strings, then you use the pick to play the notes.  Both girls enjoy playing with it.  Lily has even gotten really creative and made her own song on a sheet of paper that she cut out to fit the instrument. 

I think I would've liked one of these toys as a child.  Had I only known about the candy fairy when I was little!  Halloween for me usually went like this: I would first sort my candy by type, then barter with my siblings, then I would pay the unfair dad tax (let my dad have a few undeserved pieces), then I would eat a few morsels myself and hide the rest in my room.  When I wanted candy, I knew where to find it.  Unfortunately, my brothers (and maybe even my sister?) would greedily find out about my candy hiding spot and eat all the good pieces.  Sad, huh.  I remember having leftover stale taffy at my disposal well into the Easter season.

Steve remembers consuming all his candy within the first night or two.  He also would barter with his siblings for a selection that better suited him. :)


Bobbie said...

Hey... I bought a harp like that. I enjoy playing with it, too :) It is downstairs in my drawer. I guess I'm a kid at heart still. Too bad I don't get the allowance that goes with it. :/ I'm proud of Lily making her own music. :)

Amanda Lauret said...

I love your idea of the candy fairy! I don't think that will ever happen at our house though, Micah is too excited to be able to start his own daddy taxing system. (LOL)

We had one of those harp things when I was a kid and we all loved it!! I wish I still had it.....