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Monday, December 5, 2011

Rollin' With My Cutie...

 I turned around after washing the dishes to this scene set up next to the TV stand.

If you ever need a smile in your heart, just spend a few minutes with this little girl.

Here she is making us laugh with a ball shoved down her pants.

And she likes to workout with her mommy.  She gets to pick out the workout video and 95% of the time, she picks this one with Richard Simmons:
See her in action (a little camera shy).  Oh!  And every time we do this video, she points out the blond girl in the blue and tells me that that's her Aunt Elinn!


Bobbie said...

ahaha!! She is a bundle of smiles for shureee... This pics made me laff! I can just imagine the Richard Simmons exercise scenery with u both! CUTE!

Bobbie said...

heyy! After lunch out and finding out I had a video to watch that I missed, I just had to see this as soon as I got home. I did miss it becuz I thought it was a photo not a video. She is soo cute doing this, just like you said!! LUV U Amara!