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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween was Fun!

In addition to trick or treating in Grandma's neighborhood in Roosevelt, we attended our ward's annual trunk or treat, grandma's ward's trunk or treat, school Halloween parties (I was in charge of both Lily and Amara's classes), and our local grocery store's Halloween party. Needless to say, we handed out all 200 pieces of candy and our girls came home with a HAULING! They ate some of it and left the rest for the candy fairy which in turn left them some little pet shop toys.

We had fun carving our pumpkins a few nights before and when Halloween rolled around, everyone but Steve dressed up. Most years he's appeased me and wore whatever I gave him, but this year he outright refused. Maybe next year I'll get him! This year I was a capoeirista, Lily was a black cat on Halloween and a witch at her school party, and Amara was a princess at school and a chicken and a ladybug at the different trunk or treats. No purchasing costumes this year, just making do with what was around, just like what I grew up doing. :)


Doralee said...

Hilarious pictures, I love the one of slasher Lily and horrified Amara in the background.

Bobbie said...

HEY! I don't remember these pics. lol. It was funey seeing Steve killing his pumpkin he was carving. It was really cutee to enjoying halloween with y'all ... and to see these pics makes me laugh!