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Saturday, November 17, 2012

School Has Begun! ...ahem,3 months ago.

 Lily is in Steve's 2nd grade class and Amara has begun Kindergarten!  I'm so behind in blogging, but when school started (3 months ago), it was an important day in our family.  We all go to the same school for half the day (then Steve and Lily finish out the day while Amara and I go home).  I get to help out in the classroom every morning while Amara is in Kindergarten.  I've really enjoyed getting to witness first hand what my hubby's job is like and help out with all the ins and outs.  I also get to volunteer for Amara's class.  I love that I'm well enough to do these things because nothing gives me more joy than being with my family and volunteering. 
"I'm in my dad's class."

Hard at work.

The bulletin board

Amara's first day of school was a week later.

It was a bright morning.

Amara reading to Lily in her classroom before school starts

Amara with her teacher, Miss Porter.  She loves her tons.

Pick up line in front of the school

She had a great day and loves Kindergarten.
The smilebox below has some pictures from the first few weeks of school in Steve's class.  It was made as an ad to get more volunteers and was on the smartboard in Steve's classroom during back-to-school night.  And yes, our back-to-school night was almost a month after school started.
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1 comment:

Bobbie said...

Well done with this Back to School Event.. 3 months later. ahaha... I'd say, IT IS... WHAT IT IS. :) Now that I am probably commenting several months after school started. hehe. This is a nice online flyer thang. Good job!