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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Remember the 2012 Lauret Olympics?

This past summer in August, our family traveled to the far-reaches of the Utah universe to an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow-polka-dot town named Antimony (minus the yellow polka-dots).  It was time for the Lauret family reunion! 

Although not all Laurets/Bennions were able to be there for the entire reunion, most were able to be there, and we all had a great time.
Practicing for the games...
 The theme of the reunion was the Olympics, and Dad and Deb planned out hours of Olympic fun for us.  I remember cookie eating contests, balloon juggling contests, straw hammer throw, paper plate discus throw, hula hooping, shotput, kids foot race, and I know I'm missing more events, but it was quite the undertaking- like 2-3 hours worth of hot competition under the sizzling sun.  I tried to film most of the events, but I grossly underestimated how long we'd be at it.  I think my camcorder's battery died half-way in, but what I did capture is found in the slideshow below. 

Before the opening ceremonies, we each made our own family flag to represent the country we chose.  The meal we were assigned to make was supposed to reflect our country's cuisine in some fashion.  Since our family made the Kickin' Chicken Quesadillas, we decided to represent "Foulandia."  Most, if not all, of the countries people chose were made up.  I don't remember who won overall- in fact, I don't know if we ever even determined that- which to me means that it was a success.  It wasn't about the competition so much as it was about having fun and making memories.
Maizie had lots of fun on the swing.
 We also did a lot of other fun things like: went to Otter Creek (10 min. away) to fish and boat and play at the beach; had a birthday party; made crafts; rode the 4-wheeler; watched the Olympics on TV; went on the huge swing; found scorpions; fished the pond in the front; did a little service project of weeding and making benches for the firepit; and did a lot of visiting, eating, and enjoying the scenery.
My buddy Maizie gives the best smiles!

I'm so glad April took me to this hugely fun swing!

I put all the photos and video into a slideshow which ended up being pretty long, so if you plan to watch all the video, be prepared with a bag of popcorn!  Thanks for a good time everyone!

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1 comment:

Bobbie said...

I so appreciate you putting this awesome slideshow together!! It made me soo happy!!!! I always wished I could see this 'cabin' in Antimony and it looks like it doesn't disappoint in vista views and fun :) I really enjoyed watching you guys have fun. When a m:o)mME/gwamma sees her children have fun... her heart is full. I love watching my grandkids, too. I often would rewind it several times to watch the expressions of both my children and gwandbabies! Well done... Thou good and faithful daughter... your kingdom is on it's way! :)