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Sunday, February 17, 2013

21 Plus Ten.

Last month I got one year older and wiser too.  I turned 21 plus ten.  I could not have asked for a better birthday than my birthday this year.  I was totally spoiled.  I woke up at 6:30, and started my morning like any other- except when I was about to get out of bed, I was told by my husband that I needed to stay in bed and he was going to get the girls ready and take them to school.  Huh?  How are you going to bring Amara home after Kindergarten?  He told me, "I have pull-outs when Amara gets done, so I can run her home then."  Okay.  Sounds good.

Then a few minutes later...
Breakfast in bed!!!  Steve made me Eggs in Toast, Yummy tropical green smoothie, half a grapefruit, and carrot and celery sticks.  He made the eggs perfectly, over easy.  Then instead of leaving me, my whole family gathered on the bed and kept me company for 10 minutes or so while I ate.  It was probably the best breakfast in bed that I've ever had.  Then they took away my tray, gave me kisses and headed off to school.  I decided to stay in bed a few more minutes and finish reading my scriptures.  Then I would go watch some TV and do dishes and fold some laundry while I had the house to myself.  Just as I was about to get out of bed, I heard the garage door open and my husband's voice call out, "Hello?  Honey, I'm home!"

Huh?  Steve's home?  Something must be wrong. 
"I got a substitute and took the day off." 
No way!  Best gift he could've ever given me.  I know how much he detests finding a substitute and creating a day's worth of lesson plans for the sub, so it really meant a lot to me that he had planned that surprise and sacrificed for me.  The kids were at school, and I had the man I most adore to spend the morning with.

We went out to lunch, my choice.  I chose to go the the local grocery store and have the sushi that I've wanted to buy forever but could never justify paying close to $10 for a single roll of sushi.  It was perfect.  We got Amara from school and checked Lily out, so we could all go to lunch together.  It was yummy and fun.  Then we went to the local library and I checked out some new cookbooks to read, and everyone else got some books too.  Then we went to the family history library, since I got to do whatever I wanted, and I love going there.  Steve just read and the girls drew pictures while I researched for a couple hours.  Then we went to China Star for dinner.  Out to eat twice in one day- I told you I was spoiled.

Later that night, my mom and Tom came over and brought over a birthday cake.  Since I'm not eating sugar-laden foods, I just had one bite, but it was an awesome bite of pumpkin cake roll. 

Tom gave me a gift card to the grocery store so I could buy more of the sushi I love.  Mom gave me a really pretty plate that was bright green with polka-dots and whimsical flowers.  The girls both gave me drawings they made.

Amara's note to me

Lily's note to me

I went to bed feeling so very loved.  I got so many birthday wishes from friends and family over facebook and the phone.  Super spoiled, I know.

Then to add whip cream and cherries to top it all off, my sister and sister-in-law made the long trek up the canyon with their children to visit me that weekend.  I loved getting to see my loved ones and spend time with them.  I didn't get many pictures apparently, but my sister sent me some pics of the sushi dinner feast we made together in celebration of me. 

I never use this word, but it seems to fit~ that was an "Epic" Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Love your birthday story.

Bobbie said...

That was some birthday you had there!! All them homemade sushis, breakfast-in-bed, loved ones coming down, a husband that takes off of work to make you feel like a princess that you are...PerfectPreciousness!