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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Poets at Poetry Out Loud

As a mother, I'm allowed to require my kids to do things that they may not want to do but I know will be good for them.  The Poetry Out Loud contest at their school just happened to be one of those things.  I wanted them to expand their minds by memorizing some poetry and give them the chance to break out of their comfort zone and speak in front of judges and other people.

I checked a poetry book out from our local library.  It was the only one left.  I had the girls pick a poem to memorize for their recitation.  Lily memorized 2, but decided to recite the shorter one.  Amara memorized the short one that Lily recited and another one that she liked.

They both did a wonderful job speaking in the microphone in front of the judges.  I'm a very proud mom.

Here are their poems they recited:

The Ball Game is Over
by Jack Prelutsky

The ball game is over, and here is the score:
They got 97, we got 94.

Baseball is fun, but it gives me the blues, 
To score 94 and still manage to lose.

The other poem Lily memorized, but didn't recite was this:

Eyeballs for Sale
by: Jack Prelutsky

Eyeballs for sale, fresh eyeballs for sale
Nutritious, delicious, not moldy or stale.
Eyeballs from Manticores, ogres and elves,
Fierce dragon eyeballs that cook by themselves.

Eyeballs served cold, eyeballs served hot.
If you like eyeballs, then this is the spot.
Ladle a glassful, a bowlful, or pail,
Eyeballs, fresh eyeballs, fresh eyeballs for sale!

And Amara recited this one.  I think she liked it because it had an amusing picture next to it of a running rabbit with it's tail on fire.

It's Hot Hot Hot
by Jack Prelutsky

It's hot hot hot the rabbit said
And truly that's too bad
This morning I was happy 
but I'm starting to get mad

I've lost my sense of humor
and there's nothing I find funny.
This weather's changed my attitude,
I'm now a hot cross bunny!

1 comment:

Doralee said...

You are such a good mom. The girls did an amazing job! Congratulate them for me. Kimberlee was one of two chosen from her high school to compete at the Southern Nevada Poetry Out Loud competition. She did a great job, but didn't win. This was her first year entering. If you keep it up the girls will be great by the time they are in high school. The winner won $250 cash and gets to go to state.