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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Our Valentine's Day was a lot of fun.  Our family spent the day wearing ourselves out at school parties.  Then eating an early dinner at the local Chinese restaurant. 

Lily and Amara and Steve came home with loads of candy to accompany their valentines.  When I was a kid, you counted yourself lucky to get a few conversation hearts stuffed into an envelope with your valentine.  And those years that I actually gave out conversation hearts, I remember being very particular about which conversation heart went to which student in my class.  I would about die of embarrassment if one of the boys in my class got the heart that said "u r cute" or "call me."  In fact, sometimes it was best to just leave the conversation hearts out of the envelopes I gave to the boys.  But then again, I would feel guilty that they would feel bad that I left them out.  So everyone got something and I spent probably an hour, maybe two, perfecting the valentines.  This year, my girls didn't even write any names on the valentines they gave, except who it was from, as per teacher request.  And they got just as much candy as on Halloween.  My!  How times have changed.

I ran a photo-booth for Steve's class party.  Everyone had a blast and his party went off without a hitch.  Here's some of the photos via smilebox slideshow.

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1 comment:

Bobbie said...

THIS is one of the best ideas for a Valentine's Day Party! I am so glad you came up with that idea. ahaha... the kids look so awesome and look like they were having fun including Mr. C+! You ROCK!