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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Christensen Reunion- Day 2

Eating outside was lovely on the large decks at the cabin!

 HooDoo?  We Do!

Red Canyon Hiking and Picnic Lunch

We got started a little late on the trails, so it was plenty warm for our hike, but the scenery was awesome.  Unfortunately, I started feeling ill just a little ways into the hike, so I made my way back with poor Lily that was tired of hobbling about with her crutches.  We looked around the cooler visitor's center, then waited a short while for the rest of our group to finish the hike.  Then, we all drove to our picnic spot up the street for lunch.

Amara building a nature house

It's beautiful.

top view

Picnic Lunch

Red Canyon, Joined by some of the Force family

 Uncle Stephen Force identified some "lemonade berries" in the area, and we got to pick some to taste.  Boy!  They were lemony!  He told us that the pioneers would use them to make lemonade in place of lemons.  Seems to me that they would make a nice lemonade.

Amara standing by the lemonade berry bush.

 Steve took the camera and tried to get some candid shots of his family...

Isaac showing us how well he can spray water out his mouth.

Steve with his Uncle Stephen.  See the resemblance?

Animal Museum and Exotic Deer Petting Zoo

Enroute to Bryce Canyon

 While most of the families headed to Bryce Canyon for more hiking, my family took Matthew and Grandpa and went to a wildlife museum and deer petting zoo in the area.  It was a large facility with plenty of dioramas of wild animal taxidermy for us to look at.

 Steve thought some of the displays were worthy of a photo of their own...

"Look!  No hands!  Or feet!

Missed dinner opportunity


Don't think he stands a chance.

Beautiful wings on that bird!
 More of Steve's favorites...

back massage?

I liked this exhibit.  It shows the plants and the color of dye that they make.
 When we were done at the museum, we bought a bag of corn to feed the exotic deer.

Back at the Cabin- ZIPLINE!  

Whew!  What a Day!

Clean up and Relax...

Amara picked me a lovely bouquet of wildflowers.

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Bobbie said...

ZIPLINE?? THAT IS A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!! I want a zipline on our property. lol