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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our First Swimming Lessons

 Amara and Lily took their first swimming lessons this past June.  Both of them really enjoyed it, although Amara was completely terrified of going at first (to the point of tears as we were driving there).
The Roosevelt Pool

I was ready for the sun.
Neither of my girls enjoy getting their heads/faces/ears wet and it was a screaming-battle for years just to get their hair shampooed.  Although they are better now, I was pretty sure they would have difficulty dunking under for swimming lessons.  I was wrong though.  For sure they would NOT do it if I was their swim teacher, but their swimming teachers got them to do it, and they did it just fine. 

Amara is a "bobbing" champion!

Lily doesn't like to open her eyes if they are wet, so her face was like this a lot of the time.
See? Face wet- eyes closed.

Lily sprained her foot at a friend's house, so she had to take it easy at swim lessons.  Her instructor would pack her around on her back sometimes.  Lily learned how to back float and she LOVED to do it, so she was able to participate some.
Teacher Sage was talking to Lily about her foot.

Teacher giving Lily a ride while playing "Red light, Green Light"

Lily got to where the teacher didn't even have to hold on.  I'm thinking having hollow bones must give her an edge for floating. :)
Amara is learning to back float.  She looked more like a V in the water, even though you can't really tell in this photo.  She would close her eyes and kick her legs in the air, but you can't see that part.

Amara really enjoyed her swim lessons.  She was particularly excited that she could do lots of "bobs" and hold her breath under water for several seconds.

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Bobbie said...

I am so proud of them doing their swim lessons! They truly have come a long way :) Love your stylin' hat~!