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Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Haunting!


Getting ready to trunk or treat.  Watch out for the BLIZZARD (grandma's and my costume)!
The girls trunk or treated twice- once with our ward and once with Grandma's ward.
The girls went to a few houses in grandma's neighborhood.
 The girls went to the grocery store's trick or treat.
The girls went trick or treating to a few businesses.
The girls went trick or treating at the library.
Our little Minnie Mouse used her hair to make ears on her head.

If you're wondering where Harold's Purple Crayon went... She went trick or treating.

The girls got 10 and a half pounds of candy total.  That's a lot of poisen for growing minds and teeth!  This morning they woke up and the candy fairy had swapped their candy for books and stickers.  Thanks Candy Fairy!
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