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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joe's Family Came Over!

 This past October, Joe, Missy, Malia, JJ, Maizie, and Jayden came for a visit.  I have so many great memories of their stay with us!  We visited Monson Farms in Bluebell one day and did nearly every activity there was to do.  It was a perfect day to spend with family!

Steve actually hit a target so he won a stick of candy.

New this year was the airguns.  Those were pretty fun.  They shot lightweight foam balls.
 Every time Joe is here I get the hankering to get the grill going.  Kalbi was on the menu and it did NOT disappoint!!!
Kalbi marinating.
Cooks in a minute and smells SO GOOD!
 We loved seeing and spending time with everyone.  Come again soon!

JJ loved this bear.  I think he got it at McDonalds or something.


Amanda Lauret said...

Looks like so much fun! We need to come for a visit soon. ;)

lilypadhorsepizza said...

I loved when Malia and JJ and Maizie and Jayden and their parents came over.and yes Aunty Mandy,do come for a visit soon,I mean VERY soon. We'll have a fun time with Rex,Jax,Max and you and maybe even(just maybe) Uncle Micah to!