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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hot Chocolate for Sale!

 Lily asked if she could sell hot chocolate one afternoon, and it happened to be a good time, so I agreed.  I remembered selling things with my brothers or my friends to other neighborhood kids when I was a little girl and I think every kid should have that opportunity.  So, I boiled some water and helped Lily set up shop.  She made the sign and set the price for 50 cents.

 I did tell her not to expect many visitors because we don't exactly have many neighbor kids to sell to.  And sure enough, no neighborhood kids showed up.  But that doesn't mean they didn't make a sell.  Grandma came over and bought their first cup of chocolate (actually she chose the last packet of apple cider) for $10- keep the change.  The girls were thrilled.

Amara dumped in the packet.

Lily stirred.
 And grandma got her warm cup of apple cider.
Steve came out a little later and paid 50 cents for some hot chocolate.

The girls sat out there for a couple more hours until it started getting dark (sometimes manning their station and other times playing with the neighbor's kitties).  Amara's job was to smile and wave at all the cars and trucks passing by.

Just as I came out to help put things away for the night I saw a black pickup truck parked in front of the girl's table and he was handing them 50 cents for a cup of chocolate.  I was so touched that some stranger would take the time to stop for them.  They were thrilled again.

After he drove off, I took the hot water in the house, and I came out to get more things when another truck pulled over and asked the girls for some hot chocolate.  It was our new neighbor 2 doors down and his brother-in-law.  I told them that I'd go get the hot water- and I rushed in the house to get it.  He paid the girls all the change he had- $7.50.  They gave him 4 cups of chocolate, since that's all the water we had left. 

What a hauling for a few cups of cocoa!  Lucky girls.  Business doesn't always go that good, but for them that day, it did.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  It made 2 sweet girls very happy.


Bobbie said...

What a nice family memory! I am ecstatic that those 2 trucks stopped by!! I didn't know that. That sure made my Monday :) Yayy!!

The Christensen Family said...

Mmmmmmmm,hot chocolate. I had only one cup of it. :(

The Christensen Family said...

Ummm,guys? Did you know it was me? Lily?