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Sunday, June 1, 2014

"Because I Want To Get Richer" Yard Sale

This past week, Amara wanted to "get richer," so she had a little yard sale. Although I didn't think she would have many customers because it was a week day, there are no kids in our neighborhood, and most of the traffic we have is oilfield and construction workers, I had no problem with her trying.  Plus, I remembered that my kids have had success selling hot cocoa, and I doubted them then, and they earned quite a good chunk of change doing that. 

She set it all up herself. She pulled the table out, she got her own chair, she found items from her's and Lily's collection that she could sell, and she set her prices with price tags, made a sign and waited for people to arrive.
Later, she came in the house holding two dollars. She actually had one customer that bought two items. I believe one item was a purse that was one dollar and the other item was toy comb which was $.25, but she gave her a dollar instead.  

So Amara made two dollars from her yard sale. She told me that her customer was my friend Amy and her two daughters who driving by on their way to the park.  So nice of her to stop. 

And now Amara is RICHER!

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