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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some of Everyday Life

Here are a few recent-ish (April 2014) photos from our everyday life.  Enjoy!

Easter candy art on the table

Eat the rainbow :)

Amara can blow bubbles with her gum.

I find some silly selfies on my phone camera.

This is the wall in my bedroom where Amara and Lily hang some of the artwork that they make especially for me.

We facetime almost everyday with April and Devon.  Here he is eating Ramen with 2 utensils at the same time!

Talented eater.

Amara playing.  Maybe she's a teacher?

Lily likes to take pictures of the food she likes.  I wonder where she got that idea from?

Amara's homemade snack- saltine cracker spread with vanilla yogurt and topped with raisins.

Lily's "fancy" hairdo

Side shot.

And from the front.

Brownie fan.

"Mom!  Take a picture of this soup!"  Uncle Matts/ Grandma's Cambodian-style sweet potato soup.

More pretty Lily hair.

Look at those natural highlights!

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