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Saturday, November 8, 2014

A True Summer Feast!

Our Summer Feast included Grilled Chicken Skewers, Homemade Mexi-Rice, Crispy Oven-Baked Fries with Fry Sauce, Rolls, Wedges of Juicy Watermelon, Colorful Veggie Plate,  Green Salad, Ranch, and Mashed Avocado.  Dessert (not pictured) was Homemade Blueberry and Raspberry Smoothies.


-JULY 2014- 


Our first stop on our BIG summer vacation was Herriman, Utah where we gathered with some of Steve's side of the family for a memorable, summer-y, BBQ feast that I wouldn't mind living over and over again.
Bev's Truly Crispy Oven Fries.  The trick is to bake them a really long time.
These marinated chicken skewers were mouthwatering.
When we weren't eating, we were visiting, and playing outside.
This dog is Ninja.

Ninja acts like a ninja.

She is very playful and energetic.
 My girls enjoyed going on a little garden tour with their cousin, Eva. 
 Later, James started a fire in his fire ring while the girls played on the jungle gym.

 When the fire was ready, we found sticks and broke out the marshmallows.

 Matt has lived abroad quite a bit, and he let us know that roasting marshmallows is a very "American" thing.  Gotta love the good ol' US of A!

 Everyone tried to achieve the perfect golden brown outer crust with a warm, gooey inside.  Everyone except James, I believe, who liked to set his mallow a-flame and eat it char-y black.  I went through a phase as a teenager where I actually preferred that too.  That stage is gone for me now, though. 
Amara was thinking, "yummy gooeyness!"

Lily was thinking, "yummy gooeyness!"

I love the toastiness of these marshmallows.  P.S.  We had fresh raspberry smoothies for dessert and we all had raspberry seeds in our teeth afterward; Steve was just the lucky one to get his photographed when I tried to capture his perfected mallow.  I assure you that he normally has impeccably clean teeth.

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