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Saturday, November 15, 2014

July Cali Road Trip- Stop-Off In Reno, NV

Super 8 Continental Breakfast!  Girls and Steve had cereal, donuts, OJ, and milk.  I had a packet of oatmeal and a yogurt.

We got on the road after breakfast.  We were traveling all the way into Vacaville, California, with a stop off in Reno.  The girls busied themselves with books, writing, taking pics, eating their donuts, etc.

Steve was a great driver.  He'd listen to his own tunes on his earphones, and used his sun hat as a sun shade.

Long road trips call for silly face contests.
We stopped in Winnemucca for a bathroom break and to fill up our water bottles.  That was a mistake.  The water in Winnemucca is the absolute worst water I've ever tasted.  If you ever make this same trip, bring plenty of water from Utah.

After hours in the car, we got to Reno in the afternoon.  I wanted to stop there to play at Circus Circus with the girls.  It's something my family always enjoyed doing.
We spent $20 on the midway games and ended up winning 3 stuffed animals in the end. 

We also got to watch 2 really cool shows.  One was a dog show which was only about 5 minutes long, but very entertaining.  In fact it was better than the dog show at Sea World that we went to a week later.  The other show we saw was a couple of very talented jugglers.  Again, it was only 5 minutes, but it was cool.
We were going to eat at the Circus Circus buffet, but then we discovered that they are only open on the weekends.  Lame-O!  So, we decided to find a different buffet on our way to Vacaville. 

We went to the Hometown Buffet in Vacaville, which was a mistake.  The food was worst than cafeteria quality.  It was such a disappointment.

We ended up getting to Aunty Cheryl's home in the evening around 7 or 8.  It was cool to see all the flowing fields of sunflowers farms near her home.

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